Reviews for Flushing Chinatown Food Tour


Joe's jaunt through Flushing Chinatown (the best Chinatown in NYC) is the gold standard in food tours ... totally knowledgeable of the area and where to find the best dishes. We did plenty of eating (you won't go hungry) and walking, and Joe was ready with answers for all our questions. It was a totally fun and satisfying three hours. Book this tour and you won't be disappointed.

Scott S.

Joe DiStefano really knows food and he shares what he knows on this food tour. I would never have visited any of the Asian restaurants we went to on my own. He takes you to the truely authentic Chinese were there is no English menu or English spoken and guides you to the best dishes that each place makes. This tour has opened an entire new world of food for me and I can now go to the China towns of Queens, Manhattan, SanFrancisico, or any othe city and explore the food with the knowledge that I learned from Joe. This tour was really worth every penny for what I learned and the food was phenomenal. Every place we went to was a new food I had never had before and each dish was amazing. Joe also takes you through the Chinese markets and tells you what all of those exotic looking ingredients are and what dishes they are used in and then when you are at the next eatery he gives you the choice of having a dish with some of those those new found ingredients. I highly recommend that you get out of Manhattan and explore the food in the other boroughs with Joe. There is a whole new world out there to eat and you are missing it.

Jean G.

In a neighborhood that can seem like another country entirely, Joe was a wonderful guide, leading us to hole-in-the-wall food stands, incredible markets, and beautiful temples for a terrific out-of-the-box travel experience. Highly recommended--and be sure to bring your appetite.

Bill B.

Joe knows his Chinese food. It was a moveable feast in which we walked around the neighborhood to various food emporiums like the tea carts in a dim sum restaurant move from table to table. Joe made an effort to understand how adventurous we wanted to be and tailored his food choices to what would we would like. All of the dishes were great, some familiar and one that I would guessed was mid-eastern not Chinese. We even had time a jaunt to a Hindu temple and some Indian food. I highly recommend to anyone who already loves Chinese food and wants to experience the best of the best in an authentic setting.

Sam W.

Joe gave us an incredible tour and a really, really memorable day. Everything was well thought through, the food was terrific, and Joe was great to spend an afternoon with!


Took this tour back in mid Oct so bit delayed on my review since I usually never bother but I felt like I needed to provide my positive feedback because I thoroughly enjoyed the tour because it delivered more than expected. Went with my boyfriend who had just returned from his East Asian trip so he was in a good position to do a comparative review. He definitely was pleased to find that the food tasted just like the food he tried over in East Asia. Besides all the great food that Joe made us try, he provided historical background of the area as well so that was a treat. We stopped at a Korean market and Hindu temple which we didn't expect so another great treat. Joe is really down to earth which is great given that we're not exactly gourmet chefs so we felt comfortable enough to ask any questions. Definitely would recommend this tour and looking to sign up for more tours with Joe. NOTE: Ladies, make sure you wear very comfortable shoes since you will be on your feet 90% of the time. It's all about the food on this tour.



Stephen U.

Whether you are a first time visitor to New York, a frequent visitor, or you live here - Joe D's tour of Flushing Chinatown is a must-do. There are still mysterious places to visit and exotic experiences to be had in New York City, but most of them are not on Manhattan. Spend a few hours with Joe D and you'll see what I mean. You'll enjoy great Chinese regional cuisines, a bit of Thai food and a few surprises (I won't include any spoilers in my review.) Highly recommended for those with an adventurous palate - and good walking shoes.

Damien G.

It was a fun introduction to Chinese food in Flushing. Joe took us to all these little food joints that probably only the locals know about.

Curt H.

The trip was great. Joe was very generous with his time and we had about 10 different samples of food. He really knew his stuff & we had a blast!

John K.

Delicious and incredibly memorable. The three of us who went are still talking about the trip a week later. We would like to do it again. Joe was a great guide. Highly recommend this.

Vincent R.

Thank you Joe for a great experience and a very unique night out. Joe is a fantastic guide. We went to food courts/street vendors/restaurants that we would have never experienced on our own. He is a gracious host - with real passion and enthusiasm. He is well received by the local Flushing community. I highly recommend this tour with Joe.

Todd K.

This was a unique adventure. I didn't know Flushing even had a Chinatown. Joe brought us to places we would have never known about and sampled food that we never would have thought of trying. Joe is a great guy and wonderful guide. We will definitely try another one of his tours and tell our friends

Avigail D.

This was a delicious adventure! For those of you who think you know New York, you really don't until you have done this tour... Joe does an amazing job picking the best dishes and giving you a full experience of various cuisines, popular local hang-outs and even the best markets. Everyone I tell about our experience wants us to take them to Flushing China Town - I can't wait to go back and bring more friends to experience Joe & the amazing food finds.

Erin N.

Worth every penny. Joe is incredibly knowledgeable about the food and the cultural influencers that affect flavors, ingredient selection, preparations, etc. You will be stuffed and thinking about the "best ____ ever!" hours after the tour is over. I definitely plan on going back to Flushing on my own and hiring Joe again for a different food experience.

Greg S.

Great afternoon with Joe. He brought us to a variety of places serving tasty Chinese, Korean, and Indian food. Highly recommended!

Tom W.

This was a bit of a disappointment. A couple of the food items sampled were different, but on balance, it was something you'd find on a good dim sum cart or at any hole-in-the-wall eatery; custard tarts, soup dumplings, potstickers, duck on bao. If you've no experience with such things,, this tour is a good introduction. Part of what makes a good food tour interesting is learning about the neighborhood and different cultures of the locals. There was none of that. My suggestion would be to visit Flushing's Chinatown on your own. It's a compact area, easy to get to, and easily explored.

Erica K.

A marvelous introduction to many of the delicious foods of Flushing's Chinatown. Included treats ranged from Peking Duck mini sandwiches to spicy tofu to some of the best hot-from-the-fryer barbecued pork dumplings I've ever had. The best part was discovering out-of-the-way food courts where locals eat that I would never have discovered on my own. It's important to be an adventurous eater and open to new culinary experiences to fully enjoy this tour, and loving spicy food is a real plus. There are a few dishes that involved organ meats and chili oil, but there are many others that (thankfully) don't. I would have liked to have a map showing the locations of everywhere we had visited and a list of names, addresses, phones and websites for these locations, wherever available. This would have made the tour experience even more valuable. Thanks for everything, Joe!