Reviews for Flushing Chinatown Food Tour

Casey M.

Joe D is a rock star in the world of Queens food. We had a blast -- a great evening of mind blowing food, great conversation and little hidden foodie spots that we could never have discovered even with years of research. Joe knows his way around the best food joints in Queen's like nobody's business. He is personable, easy to talk to and down to earth and he makes sure you have a great experience. We would take tours with him again and again.

Lucy D.

I would thoroughly recommend this tour! Joe is incredibly knowledgeable about food and the best places to eat in the area (as well as Queens and the 7 line more generally) and through his tour we were happy to be able to experience Flushing’s best food as an insider. The tour covered Indian and Korean food as well as various types of Chinese and it was a really great way to spend an afternoon off the usual tourist track!

Stephanie R.

Super fun tour! Joe knows all the tasty spots - make sure he takes you to the dumpling spot in the Golden Mall at the end. We hung out there on our own after the tour ended. Worth the trip out to Queens!

Karen H.

If you are ready to get off the beaten path of Manhattan, try this delicious and informative food tour in Queens. It was an easy 45 min. train ride from Times Square, and Joe met us with chopsticks in hand. We explored Flushing's Chinatown from Asian food courts, to markets, and food vendors. We tried everything from pork belly buns, and spicy pork tongue to dumplings with soup inside, and sea bass potstickers. Joe knows his Asian cuisine and is friendly and easygoing. It was a great way to spend an afternoon and we went home stuffed.

Matthew L.

When it comes to food in Flushing, Joe's the man. His knowledge of Chinese food is encyclopedic, and Flushing boasts the best Chinese restaurants I've ever seen outside of Asia. While all the food was excellent, the Muslim lamb chops were an earlier candidate for best dish of 2013.

Donald E.

A very relaxed informative tour.......felt like I was walking with a friend


Joe definitely knew where to go - the soup dumplings were the best! It was nice having a tour in this otherwise overwhelming place. We wouldn't have hit the little nooks and crannies otherwise without extensive research. My one constructive feedback would be to provide more background information on the food, stalls we stopped at, and the neighborhood as it was a "here is the food", but overall it was lovely and I would go again. Thanks Joe!

Kirsten S.

This food tour was definitely the highlight of my weekend. Being quite unfamiliar with Queens, I always have wondered what lay past the 7 stop at Citi Field, and Joe showed my friends and me the gastronomic wonderland that is Flushing's Chinatown. We sampled food at unique locations: underground noodles, food court dumplings (unlike any food court food you have ever tried, I guarantee), soup dumplings, roasted sweet potato from behind a supermarket, fresh tofu from a flower shop, and duck sandwiches from a produce stand. The novelty of the tour came from the hidden and sometimes grungy (yet hygienic) places where we ate, but the brilliance was from the food itself and the way that Joe talked about it. It is clear that this is his passion, and it was wonderful to be walked around with an insider. I highly recommend this tour for anyone who wants to make your own tour group (mine was just with my three close friends), experience a new part of this incredible city, sample a distinct cuisine, and have a great story to share at work when people say, "How was your weekend?"

Joshua S.

I loved the tour. Joe was personable and fun. The food was fantastic. $60 is a bargain, considering that it included the cost of absolutely stuffing ourselves silly with fantastic food, along with a 3-hour tour of an amazing "chinatown," and I put it in quotes because it's also Koreatown, Malaysiatown, etc. There is a lot here, and Joe opened our eyes to it. For half the price of a fancy meal in Manhattan, I ate way better - and more interesting - food here.

Sam L.

I am one of these "if it's not on the island it's no good" - wait! i took my passport and the 7 train all the way to flushing. I looked for the last signs written in English, only to find Joe's Mets' Cap. Joe is so cool, he even speaks some Chinese (or cantonese) and knows about the foods around him. He also knew the owners of the tofu shop (sometimes i hesitate to take pictures of maybe underground businesses). When Joe get's there it's like a party, they are happy to see him, as a group he purchases a few items based on what you might or might not like and the shops are so happy to see us trying weird foods. Then what - Joe takes us to a supermarket!!! I was in confidence there was something special going on there... and yes we saw the karate rice cake makers... where else? Joe - thanks for this amazing experience! Sam