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Alexandria Virginia. I have become aware of some of the best thrift stores in the area. Ane we have plenty! Frugal is no longer a dirty word. Now with a purpose to be green, repurposing items is at an all time high. Vintage items to the area are available. You will be amazed at the types of items available. And you will not believe the prices. I often buy items with tags still attached.
All you need is time to look as you never know what treasure you will find. Take a trip off the beaten path and see local people and shop throught items they have donated.

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I am retired. I am a huge proponent of repurposing items. Because of a military life, i have found myself buying the same stuff over and over. Now i use thrift shops. My children are adults now so i have time to hunt and search for items. I am the Social Chair for my community and i often use items from thrift stores for us to use at events. I have a GPS so i dont get lost. It would be my pleasure to take you multiple thrift stores. Full profile Leave a Review

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