Argolis, Greece

The Rich Treasures of Argolis, Greece

with Stewart C.

Stewart C.

Style: Classic

Argolis was the cradle of great cultures, of the most ancient and significant Greek myths, gods, demi-gods and heroes from antiquity: Hercules completed two of his tasks here in slaying the Lion of Nemea and the Hydra in Lerna.

Here we will step back in time and meet kings and heroes from Homer's epics, the Iliad and the Odyssey: Agamemnon, Menelaus and others.

Argos - With a rich history dating back 7, 000 years, full of mythology and bloodshed. The ancient theatre which could hold 20,000 spectators and the ancient market place.
Mycenae - With its imposing palace and tholos tombs set on a hill, full of intrigue and murder most foul.
Nafplion - The first capital of Greece with its small winding streets. Not to be missed are "Palamidi" castle and the small Venetian fortress "Bourtzi", set on an small island in the gulf of Nafplion.

This experience will bring ancient Greece alive to experience the names and places that you may have heard of, read or seen on TV or on DVD. Mythological or reality - you decide!

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Stewart C.

I am an Irish citizen, resident in Nafplion, Argolis Greece. I first came to Greece in 1985 and I fell in love with the country where I have lived for many years. I think that my love of Greece stems back to when, as a young boy, I lived in Cyprus and also that I had a great love for Greek mythology at a young age as well, which was imparted to me by my enthusiastic primary school teacher in Highgate, London. Greek mythology seemed so alive and real at that age. Little did I know, many years later how significant that would turn out to be when I became a tour guide and I started to retell the Greek mythology stories I had been told as a young boy! I love traveling and I have traveled extensively in Greece. I lived in Crete for quite a while and I have a great love and passion for history. I first started tour guiding/taking care of visitors on the "classical tour" in Greece in the 1980's and I have continued to give tours since then. I also have also been a tour guide for the "Original Bus company" in London for whom I gave tours in 2007. Full profile Leave a Review

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