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Portland, Oregon has SO much charm and SO many wonderful things to see and do. We have great farmers markets, a thriving thatre scene, wonderful live music and don;t get me started on the foods and beers we have in this fair city!
Street food carts abound in pods.
Beervana holds pleasure in a pint.
Music wafts thru the air at Saturday Market.
Washington Park is a complex of visual discoveries.
Tabloid headlines? Not at all...these are things that await the traveler while they are in Portland, Oregon...
The City of Roses, Bridgetown, Beervana...many names - one city.
Depending on what you chose to do, meeting places will vary as will what items you should bring and duration of the tour. 3 hours is a standard length for most foot travel tours.

There is SO much to see and experience in Portland and surrounding area it really comes down to what intrests you. I absolutely LOVE the diversity of this city - so much to do and see, every single day.
So I will just list some of the things I have found fun and exciting to do...
The River Walk, both downtown side and the East Side Esplanade.
MicroBrew tours - From Pilsners to IPAs, Wit to Hef, we got'em!
Ethnic food tours - We are blessed with SO many choices :)
Food Cart exploration - Come hungry!
Shanghai Tunnels - a possible nefarious past to Portlands wharf
Washington Park - SO much to do up there!
Wine tours - more wineries than you can shake a vine at!
Live Music venues - so much going on almost every night of the week
The Theatre - there are great plays in this city.
The Coast - Highway 101 has some beautiful vistas.
The Mountains - Mt. Hood & Mt. St. Helens are majestic!
The Columbia Gorge - Amazing views and history, and WATERFALLS!

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I have led a fortunate life and have had the pleasure of being a computer engineer, a fire fighter, a musician and a teacher. I LOVE ethinic foods, cultures and traveling. I play guitar and sing and have made a living as a musician in this fair city. I currently own my own business as a health and safety instructor. I have been teaching for 20 years as of 2016 and love the occupation. I write and still play music locally. I find that I am always being asked about where to go and what to see so when a friend told me about this opportunity, it felt like a perfect fit. Full profile Leave a Review

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