Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Learn Philly Fast: Custom Orientations

with Clint R.

Clint R.

Brand new to the city? Thinking of moving here, but not ready to call a realtor? Wishing you knew which neighborhoods best match your personality, fit your budget, or shorten your commute? Give me a day, and I'll make you an expert.

This personalized tour is not for tourists. This is for recent transplants and prospective home buyers who want a better understanding of how to make the city work best for them. I combine the perspective and data of a city planner with the intuition of a lifelong local to unlock Philly's neighborhoods for you.

Whether you're debating a job offer in the area, starting an academic program, fleeing a more expensive city, or making a bold leap away from the suburbs, I guarantee you'll end our day together fully prepared to have a focused and more successful housing search.

Tour includes all day-of transportation costs and the research I'll do in advance to make sure our day together covers everything you need to see.

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Clint R.

I grew up right in Center City Philadelphia and watched the city change and grow all around me. This instilled in me a great love of cities, a curiosity for how they work and why they are the way they are. After living in a couple other cities, I returned to Philly 6 years ago to earn a master's in city planning. Fast forward to 2013: I work as a planner for Philly, figuring out where it's going and coming up with ways to make it better. As a result, I know it like the back of my hand. I'm 29, and live in the Fishtown neighborhood in a converted industrial building with my partner and two cats. I love craft beer, great food, meandering walks, performing arts, and the ability to escape into nature (all things Philly gives me in spades). I love sharing Philadelphia with people, especially first-timers, and I look forward to helping you get to know it. Full profile Leave a Review

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