Reviews for Local Tour : NDSM, Westerdok, Jordaan


I had a very limited time in Amsterdsm, and taking a tour was the best way to spend those few hours! Marius is a nice and bright person with a big passion to knowing and showing the best of Amsterdam, off the beaten paths and with great attention to your interests. He showed me beautiful places - enough to like Amsterdam and get interested in it. We did not have time to see NDSM, but I am 100% sure I'll go and see it next time. A huge thank-you to Marius! Nonna


I like the NDSM, westerpark, Jordaan trip where you try many forms of transports by bus, ferry, tram or a healthy walk to see Jordaan area and the north part of Amsterdam. During the trip Marius highlights the history part, introduce you to interesting places. Tell Marius what you want to see during your trip and he will come up with a great plan and gets you the information you need. Marius is reliable, fun to be with and the price is right.

Susanne L.

We went on a tour with Marius when I had two friends from the States visit me. We took the ferry to the NDSM area where I had not been before. So that was nice already. We walked around and discovered things/places that I would not have been able to find by myself. Afterwards we had hot chocolate and a nice lunch at Pllek, great way to end the tour! Thanks again Marius, we really enjoyed learning about a new and very different part of Amsterdam!

Bjorn K.

We have seen a place that a tourist would miss normally. But for sure, you have to see this part of Amsterdam also!! Thanks to the advise of our guide Marius.

Natalin T.

It wasn't about Van Gogh, Tulip Museum, Sex Museum, Madam Tussaud, Canal trip etc. It is something else!! I didn't know what I was looking for in Amsterdam until I met this local tour guide!! For me, it's all about the person you are with that adds on to having great experiences. He knows the kinda music I am into and he's a great planner!! I definitely enjoyed myself being with him and he taught me a popular dutch word: Gezellig! There's no english translation for this word but you gotta be with him in order to feel it :-) **Oh yea, I think if you book his tours in advance you might be in for some surprises. No promises about that but I'm lucky I had mine ;-) His price tours are great too!!! Check him out for more details now!!!

Sahin P.

Marius is a very friendly and enjoyable guy. We experienced some local places. He is very flexible in terms plan. I recommend you to tell him what you look for and I'm sure he will come it true.