Tokyo, Japan

Non-Touristy Hana-Mi Experience

with Josh


Hana-mi means "Cherry Blossom Watching" and is the time of the year when almost everyone goes out to the parks to hang out under cherry blossom trees and eat & drink until they retire to the karaoke bars. Most tourists who come to Tokyo miss out on this experience. It's a great time to meet people and try out your Japanese skills (I can help you with that).

Most people who come to Tokyo come to the same places. Nothing wrong with that, I just think you should get the most of your time here. Everything is just a train ride away. The places I love here aren't described very well in the guidebooks. You really have to experience these places as no guide book does them justice.

Hana-mi season is the perfect time to be absorbed into the culture here, as people are less shy and open to talking to strangers.

The end of march into April is usually when it happens, and it usually only lasts two or three weekends before all the leaves fall, so try not to miss out on this one! ;-)

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