Puerto Varas, Chile

Living the Local Roots - Nature Forest

with Andres O.

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Andres O.

This exciting and photographic eco-tour takes you to scenic 1 1/2 hour hiking, where we will appreciate nature and flora where the main species is the Alerce(Fitzroya cuppresoides), accompanied by local forest species belonging to the Temperate Rainforests of Southern Chile. This Natural Reserve is part of our National Parks & Reserves of the Chilean Goverment, located in North Patagonia. Then, we will move onto the Puerto Montt city tour that takes us through the streets, villas, lifestyles and their markets, so typical of this city. We will begin our “local experience”, visiting their markets. You will be introduce to the local culture of the people who do not appear in the “Conventional Guidebooks”. During our walk we will encounter the typical daily life of local people and places, that is if you are interested. They will share their life experience with you.

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Andres O.

Hola from the last Frontiers...Patagonia, Chile! I´m a Professional Licensed in tourism in Chile and New Zealand, who are been working in the industry for 18 years and now have a Licensed Local Tour Company focussed on Culture & Nature trips. I´m working with local transport suppliers and local people who help me up in my Start Up Business. My goal is to give information to travelers about excursions and places to go in Chile; most places where I used to work in the past. We work with local families and local entrepreneurs as our partnerships in the Cities and Rural places where we operate our excursions. Our Guides are hard workers who living in cities as Teachers - Tourism Professionals and the Countryside areas as Baqueanos, Gauchos and Lancheros (a local fisherman). We contribute to their family economy and suitable tourism responsible activities when we have the opportunity doing it...and that is just possible when you choose Us! We specialize in Individual and Small Group of Cruise ship and Independent Travelers, who looking excursions from North areas as Atacama, our Central Area of Santiago to the great Southern Patagonia in Punta Arenas and Torres Del Paine. We operate: - Photographic excursion on National Park & Reserves or Remote Places. - Historic & Culture excursion. - Contact with Local People and their costumes. -Trekking & Hiking in National Parks & Reserves. -Transfer to Airport/Hotel/Airport. -Transfer to other cities in Chile. -Support during your visit to the region. -Tailor - Made programs for FIT or Groups. -Accomodation in Hotel****, Hostel, B&B, Rent local houses or Family houses. -Private excursions/Semiprivate excursions. Friends, I invite you to visit this beautiful Huilliche land; Evergreen Forests; Lakes; Rivers and Volcanoes; land of Baqueanos and Gauchos; Chilotes Navigators; Songs, Myths and Legends in the confines of the World . . . The Chilean Patagonia! Sincerely, Andres & Team Full profile Leave a Review