Reviews for Unique Local Tour With Dutch Dinner


We had a great time walking and talking along the streets with Marius and exploring quite unexpected parts of the city like the NDSM-shipyard. The dinner afterwards was very nice too and we really enjoyed our first " stamppot" in Marius's comfortable appartment although we stil haven't quite sorted out so far what endives were exactly ;-) We definitely recommend this tour and the dinner that followed. M.Claire and St├ęphane

Amy H.

The tour was so fun and the dutch dinner was fantastic. I do enjoy everything provided by Marius. Highly recommended!

Carilyn T.

I had an excellent experience with Marius. Although I've visited Amsterdam many times, I learned a lot. The dinner was also quite good. I also got the opportunity to see his flat, which he offers through airbnb and it was fantastic! Marius is a personable and friendly guy and I would take a tour with him again. Thanks for a great time Marius!

Aisyah A.

We absolutely love the tour especially the NDSM area. We wouldn't have been to it if not for Marius' tour. The stammpot dinner was really delicious. Marius is a wonderful tour guide. Highly recommended!


marius was a great guide around the city for a few hours... we cruised the jordaan area, including a local market. we also explored random streets i would have never discovered on my own without a local! he was able to provide recs for vegetarian friendly places to eat and also cooked a delicious veg version of stamppot. a friendly, fun guide with domestic talents as well! i would recommend booking a tour with him if you're in amsterdam and would like to see the city through a local's eyes.

Letje Lips

Dinner with Marius was great! It was really nice to be inside a Dutch home and have a real Dutch home cooked meal - Marius is a good cook. It was interesting talk to someone who is part of Dutch culture and the city. He had great tips about Amsterdam and about places to go. the city. I can definitely recommend it! I planned a tour with him for next week and am already looking forward to it.

Marin P.

Great time. Good food and good conversation. Can't ask for much more.

Not in Use

It wasn't about Van Gogh, Tulip Museum, Sex Museum, Madam Tussaud, Canal trip etc. It is something else!! I didn't know what I was looking for in Amsterdam until I met this local tour guide!! For me, it's all about the person you are with that adds on to having great experiences. He knows the kinda music I am into and he's a great planner!! I definitely enjoyed myself being with him and he taught me a popular dutch word: Gezellig! There's no english translation for this word but you gotta be with him in order to feel it :-) **Oh yea, I think if you book his tours in advance you might be in for some surprises. No promises about that but I'm lucky I had mine ;-) His price tours are great too!!! Check him out for more details now!!! -The Visitor- [Sept-2012]