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Hike the Wild Great Wall

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Ever wanted to see the Great Wall with your own eyes? To hike it? To climb the very stones and bricks that have been laid there over millennia. Most tourists visit only the few officially opened and well crowded sections that have been renovated in the past couple of decades.

But we will take you to more remote areas that have mostly remained untouched since the fall of the Ming Dynasty in 1644. The nature has reclaimed its rights and enshrines now the Great Wall in an impressive setting offering dramatic views and easy to challenging hiking.

You want to camp in a guard tower with only stars for a ceiling? Make a memory of the real Great Wall, not shared with hundreds of tourists standing between your eyes and the landscapes?

With Chinescapades, we propose just that with a-la-carte tours ranging from 1 to several days, hiking the Wild Great Wall, camping on it or sleeping at local guesthouses.

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French engineer, I have been hiking and taking people out on weekend escapades around Beijing since 2005. In 2010, the project of Chinescapades came to be and since then, we organize regular 1 or 2 days escapades in the mountains around Beijing, mostly hiking, but also climbing, horseriding or even easy rafting. We have gathered over the years an extensive knowledge of the hidden part of the Great Wall in Beijing (more than 400 km not opened to the public) and are able to offer tailored trip in and out of Beijing for the travellers coming to visit the city. In 2012, we started opening hiking tours in the Yunnan province. Following a program always adapted to our private group of travelers we visit the lower and higher valleys leading to the Himalayan ridges and Tibetan plateau. Over a period of 5 to 12 days, we discover cultures ranging from population close to Burmese minorities living off rice culture up to Tibetan folks living on high altitude plateaus with their herds of yaks. Full profile Leave a Review

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