Colaba, India

Mumbai Cultural Tour

with Gaurav A.

Gaurav A.

If you want to enjoy the Local Flavour of Mumbai then this is the Perfect Activity for you.

Mumbai is a truly Cosmopolitan city, whose multiple flavours we will try to experience in a day.

We start from the famous Gateway of India, then proceed towards the Kala Ghoda Area which is the Arts Centre of Mumbai and also visit the Jehangir Art Gallery.

Prince of Wales Museum can be visited but is optional.

Then we move on to see the Lifeline of Mumbai i.e. the Mumbai Local Train to see and understand how the life of a Mumbaikar moves on. Then visit the Dalal Street, the street where the Stock Market is based but see the atmosphere around it and savour some local delicacies.

This Part of Mumbai has a very distinct, Parsi and Gujarati touch to it.

From here we go to Matunga, which has a very South Indian touch to the place, here we will have some authentic South Indian Food.

Next on the list is Bandra, this area has a very Catholic touch and we will also spend time at the seaface.

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