San Pietro Infine, Italy

San Pietro Infine

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WWII Memorial Park - Parco della memoria storica

Originally a Samnite settlement, then Roman. Today San Pietro Infine is a WWII National Memorial Monument. In December of 1943, the Liberation Army faced one the most difficult battles of the war. Known as the Battle of San Pietro, the town was completely torn down during the war, overlooking the so called, “valley of death,” necessary for the Allies to open a path toward Cassino. Cassino is the location of Saint Benedict’s Abbey, a.k.a. Monte Cassino’s Abbey. San Pietro is connected to Venafro through the “Winterline,” and is only few kilometers away from Cassino. A collection of photos and post-war findings is also exposed at the Venafro Winter Line Museum.

Trip includes the San Pietro Infine Memorial Museum, and the Winter Line Museum in Venafro. If desired, I can take you to Monte Cassino's Abbey as well, the WWII Polish, British, German, and French cemeteries in Cassino, the WWII French cemetery in Venafro and the Military Shrine of Mignano Monte Lungo.

Contact me to define an exact itinerary.

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