Achadinha, Portugal

Meet Happy Cows & Taste Raw Milk

with Gena P.

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Gena P.
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• $18 children 12 - 6 yrs & Azorean residents. Children 5 & under are free.

Pet a calf, milk a cow, taste raw milk, get immersed in the green of our island, and experience first hand what it's like to be an Azorean farmer.

The Azores account for only 2.5% of Portuguese territory, but provide about 30% of Portugal's total milk production! We have lots of truly happy cows here that graze on pastures and soak up the sunshine. If you're interested in getting a first hand look into the main industry on the island and experiencing how most people make a living here, then come milk a cow, taste some cheese and raw milk and learn why our milk production model results in happy cows and high quality products.

The tour we offer is quite casual, not a commercialized or business oriented tour, as the idea behind it is to:

1. Expose tourists to the day to day life of an Azorean dairy farmer (which the vast majority of men are dairy farmers on this island).

2. Allow tourists to have a unique experience on our farm - milking cows if they so wish, petting calves, feeding animals, etc.

3. Offer a taste of our milk and fresh cheese.

4. Show people that there is a sustainable and humane manner of raising dairy cattle.

5. Reconnect people with their farmers and the process involved to get their food from farm to table.

Hope you can visit us soon!

• Meet in the village of Achadinha (area of Nordeste) and then we'll take you to meet our cows from there.
• A taste of raw milk, cheese and bread
• Milk a cow, or a few cows
• Pet our baby calves

• Bookings made less than 4 days in advance may or may not include the cheese tasting (we need time to make the cheese and let it cure, so if it's a last minute booking it may not allow us enough time to offer the cheese).

• Fun Fact: Most people that can not digest pasteurized milk, don't show any symptoms when drinking raw milk since the enzyme (lactase) that breaks down lactose is still present.

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5 Reviews

Nadia W.

We are very grateful for this wonderful experience! We learned a lot about the typical day in the life of a dairy farmer and got to know the happy cows of Gena and João! They're both very passionate about their animals and you can see that they care a lot about them. They also raise awareness for organic farming and how it affects not only our environment, but also us humans who consume the milk products. We enjoyed everything second of our visit!

Rich B.

So I set myself a ridiculous mission - to make a cup of tea from the 'fat of the land' - Sao Miguel has one of Europe's only tea plantations, hot spring water and I just needed one thing... milk. And thus I found Gena and (I hope this is spelt right) Juan. What an incredible experience - they are both exceptionally interested and interesting, generous and fun to spend time with. We got on the back of the truck, moved some cows up to the milking shed, went whizzing around the rest of the farm to see different cows at different stages grazing on some incredibly lush pasture. This is how you hope farming really can be - they know the cows by name, feed them the best ways possible, and they're passionate about the whole ecosystem and doing things right. Then came milking time; a remarkable experience and fully hands on! We walked away with a little bottle of milk and big grins. So very highly recommended. And I made the tea, not bad at all!

Loren W.

I found this tour on our 2nd trip to the Azores. This was the BEST experience that I had with my 2 sons on the island! Driving around the island makes you want to get close to the cows. Gena and her husband give you that opportunity on their dairy farm. From meeting the young calves to milking the cows, the 3 hours flies by. My son especially loved drinking the fresh milk! This is a must do! As the guidelines list, wear shoes that you want to throw out....bonus, more room to bring souvenirs back.

Danielle & Mike

Gena and her husband were wonderful hosts! We had an incredible time in the northeast region of the island learning about their sustainable farming practices, meeting their cows, drinking fresh milk, and eating local cuisine. I would highly recommend connecting with Gena for anyone traveling to the Azores who wants to experience the local lifestyle and culture.

Danielle C.

I had an absolutely wonderful time at the farm with Gena and João! This tour would be perfect for families or really anyone who wants to learn more about local Azorean life while having a great time. You truly get to be involved in all aspects of the milk production process, from helping bring the cows down from their pasture to feed, to feeding and playing with the calves, to milking the cows and delivering the milk, if you're interested in doing those things! The setting is spectacular and Gena and João are very gracious hosts. I thought it was fascinating to learn more about an industry that literally touches the entire island and is deeply embedded in the local way of life. I would do this tour a thousand times over and recommend it to anyone!

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