Louisville, Kentucky

Local Music Tour

with Graeme G.

Graeme G.

Louisville is a hot bed for all types of great new music, both local and passers-through. This tour is very flexible and can offer different music depending on the tastes and interests of the traveller. Other than suggestions (free), this does not include larger, more expensive, venues and shows.

Some venue's will include a cover and some will not, these will not be included in the fee.

Varies per traveller. Hours and number of people flexible.

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up to 4 people
for 4 hours

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Graeme G.

I'm a jazz musician, originally from Lexington, just down the road from Louisville. I moved to Louisville when I started school, and I've been here for almost six years. I have a degree in Jazz Performance and I play regularly around Louisville and the Midwest Region with a number of different groups. I've played many of the venues I'm offering on the tour and I'm always very excited to share Louisville's amazing arts culture with anyone that is interested. www.graemegardiner.com Full profile Leave a Review