Reviews for Paris Flea Market

Amanda M.

Really excellent. Olek knew a lot of Parisian history, history of the flea market, and about art and antique history. I would absolutely recommend this tour.

Stephen L.

Enjoyed the tour. Alex was very knowledgeable and able to adapt the tour for our mixed age group. One quibble, large parts of the market were closed on Monday and if we'd been advised of that ahead of time we could have moved our tour to Sunday. Recommend the servie on the whole.


I definitely am glad I had a tour guide because the flee market was enormous and intimidating! You can't do it on your own....unless you are a local. My experience with this tour was wonderful and I felt that I got a lot of cultural experience from that morning.

Mark B.

Our tour of this sprawling flea market with Alexander was excellent. He was knowledgeable, passionate, personable, and engaging. As we meandered through the various areas of the market, he treated us to interesting and humorous stories. And when one very friendly and jovial antique dealer invited us into his space, Alexander translated an informative history lesson on various pieces of furniture. It was a wonderful introduction to this overwhelmingly large market, the perfect setup to exploring on one's own afterwards, and a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Elisabeth S.

Normally my husband and I do not have guided tours of cities we know fairly well--but we had never been to the Flea Market. It was very helpful to have Bernard explain the foundation and history, as well as provide a walk through what would have otherwise been totally mysterious to us lacking this background.

Robin B.

THomas was a terrific guide, friendly and knowledgeable. He told funny stories and answered questions. Since the Flea Market was nothing like I expected, it was great to have a guide.