Reykjavik, Iceland

Lunar Landscape & Blue Lagoon

with Nature E.

Nature E.

The lunar landscape at Reykjanes, with all it´s volcanos and different lava formations, gives you a good idea why Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin came to Iceland to practice their moonwalk. Our adventure is not quite as extreme but still very extra terrestrial.
You might call this a "hot" tour since we experience geothermal power, blowing steam, hot springs and endless lava before a relaxing soak in the Blue Lagoon.

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Nature E.

Nature Explorer was founded by experienced Icelandic wilderness experts who after years of using all their free time to go out and play in the wilderness, finally took the step and quit their day jobs to follow their dream. Together the guides of Nature Explorer have decades of experience in almost every field. Our team consists of mountain search and rescue volunteers, experienced hiking guides, bird enthusiasts, ice climbers, super-jeep experts and responsible adventurers. Full profile Leave a Review

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