Reviews for Trendy Marais

Ed N.

This was a great tour of a less touristy area where we got to see areas dominated by small stores and restaurants, each with their own unique style. Elza was quite knowledgeable about styles and pointed out numerous clothing boutiques to my wife's delight as well as other interesting stores and restaurants and spots. Seeing areas like this and getting a better feel of the city is far more enjoyable for us than the Champs Elysees so this was very entertaining! Elza is friendly, on time, quick to respond to emails and a great guide!

Michal N.

There is no better way to find and feel spirit of Paris... The little streets and shops make it such a nice place to be. But all this is not so easy to find so You need a proper guide and the best person to do that is a local person who live the life of Paris and Elsa is that person! Whatever You need Elsa know where to look. The tour is very funky, modern and urban. Its all about the city. Very intense experience to feel how to be a Parisian for one day. Every person who visit the Paris should take that tour it will be really a Happy Day in Paris !!!

Anna F.

If you want to discover Paris not the traditional way packed in a large group of tourists on a bus and rush from one typical travel guide tourist attraction to another then the Paris Trendy Tour offered by Elsa is a perfect alternative for you. The tour fits everyone, if you are in Paris either for only a weekend or for a longer period of time. Its great to catch a glimpse of the real Parisien life and to get know the fantastic hidden in-places of this wonderful city. Elsa showed us great places (vintage boutiques , trendy cafes, cool restaurants etc) with so much spirit which we would never have found by ourselves. These are places which are high up on my favorite list of Paris things to do like the little charming food market “marché des enfants rouges” and the cool African bar we went to. During the whole day, it was a great atmosphere and I really enjoyed the tour. Even after a long day of walking, tasting and shopping, Elsa kept us all motivated and showed us one fantastic place after another. She really is an enthusiastic person and knows her way around trendy Paris for sure. After this tour, it’s hard not to fall in love with Paris all over again. I will definitely take another tour of hers :)

Grace C.

It was absolutely worthy and definitely gonna take the tour from Elza again because my stay in Paris was too short however I still got to see everything that worth seeing! You can decide what theme of the tour you want it to be and Paris offers them all, from culinary tour, cultural, or fashion shopping, Elza will take you to what you can't find on your guide book, in Paris sometimes language is a problem for foreigners but Rlza speaks perfect English, Spanish, Portuguese that covers almost most of the tourists! If you plan to tour Paris like Parisian, dine in fancy French restaurant on the budget, just book a tour with Elza, she will take care everything for u! I highly recommend it!


I believe charm of Paris is hidden in streets, in small boutiques cool cafes and secret passages. To discover these type of places, either you need a looong time to walk around and try every door, or you need a real Parisian friend who loves&knows the neighborhood. This friend can be Elsa for you :) She really adores these places and can tell you a lot about them. I think this tour is worthy, both if you re here for a few days and need to catch the spirit, or if you re living here but you don t know the city very well. In both ways, you will have a great day.