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Vaivhav T.

The living bridges of Cherrapunji, India are made from the roots of the Ficus elastica tree. Cherrapunji is credited with being the wettest place on earth, and The War-Khasis, a tribe in Meghalaya, long ago noticed this tree and saw in its powerful roots an opportunity to easily cross the area’s many rivers. Now, whenever and wherever the need arises, they simply grow their bridges.

The root bridges, some of which are over a hundred feet long, take ten to fifteen years to become fully functional, but they’re extraordinarily strong – strong enough that some of them can support the weight of fifty or more people at a time. Because they are alive and still growing, the bridges actually gain strength over time – and some of the ancient root bridges used daily by the people of the villages around Cherrapunji may be well over five hundred years old.

In this trip you will get a chance to trek to these bridges and meet the local tribes who have built these incredible structures. You also get to see the cleanest village of Asia and stay in a tree house. The fourth highest waterfall is also located in Cherrapunji and is a treat for the eyes.

Go to a world which feels like a page out of an children fantasy novel.

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