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From modern and cosmopolitan Lima, Peru's Capital City, you will go back in time through the Colonial and Pre-Hispanic stages of Peruvian History. Drive through Lima's first freeway, built during 1960s and 1970s to arrive to the Downtown Lima, historic site per UNESCO, where you will appreciate its impressive monuments and imposing architecture from the colonial times. You will visit Convento de Santo Domingo (circa 16th century), one of the best preserved monasteries in whole of Lima where you will be able to see the old Lima from its tower. Visit continues to the Larco Museum, featuring the finest gold and silver collection from Ancient Peru and the famous "erotic" archaeological collection. Finally, you will be able to try a dessert based with an endemic Peruvian fruit "lucuma" at the Cafe del Museo. On the way back to your hotel you will observe Huaca Huallamarca, a pre-Inca adobe pyramid.

•Walk the Historic Downtown of Lima (Unesco site), walk through its most important streets to observe its architecture, monuments, etc.
•Visit Convent of Santo Domingo, one of the best preserved from the colonial times and climb its tower, to have a great view of the city.
•Visit Museo Larco, best Precolombian Art private collection in Peru.
•Try mousse made of "lucuma", a Peruvian endemic fruite at the Cafe del Museo.
•Observe a Pre-Colombian archaeological site, Huaca Huallamarca, in the middle of the residential area.

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