Frankfurt, Germany

The Green Side of Frankfurt - Bike Tour!

with Bogdan F.

Bogdan F.

Cycling along the Grüngürtel – a green side of Frankfurt

The whole tour is circa 33 km, on even ground (no hills), so you do not need professional biking gear.
Everybody is responsible for bike arrangements (personal bike or rent one). Exit points at tram/train stations for anyone needing to stop earlier are available. The tour is available on weekends and public holidays only . It can start in the morning or in the afternoon.
Available only in English!

1. Lock Griesheim
2. Schwanheimer Düne
3. Industry Park Hoechst
4. Struwwelpeter
5. Break at Schwanheimer Waldpielpark (Drinks and toilets!)
6. Jacobiweiher
7. Pinkelbaum
8. Monsterspecht
9. Goetheturm
10. Back to city center

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