Reviews for Vondelsurfing! Parksurfing Vondelpark!

Rebecca Y.

Vondelsurfing with Milan was the highlight of our trip! Although we had no prior experience longboarding Milan was patient with us and taught us well. Had a blast vondelsurfing in the beautiful park and lovely Amsterdam weather. He was also very welcoming and we had a good time getting to know him. Definitely would recommend this to anyone looking for a chill, relaxing and fun activity in Amsterdam!


Longboarding with Milan was actually ‘a walk in the park’! We were both a bit excited about getting on a longboard but Milan’s super relaxed attitude was very helpful. Because there are no hills in Amsterdam he took us for a spin with a rope behind his bike (there are enough of those in Amsterdam). Not only did he teach us to longboarding. We were also introduced into the world of start-ups and building apps. We were addicted at once and now considering to buy a board and take some more lessons with Milan. It was a great way to enjoy the park and the sunshine. And to shine as a true hipster yourself of course... all captured on photo and film by Milan’s friend Thomas who also came round. Afterwards we went to the Blue tea house where we enjoyed a great apple pie to celebrate a great day and a new hobby.

David C.

For me as a first timer on a longboard it was great! Made me realise you don't really have to be an experienced longboarder to have fun with Milan on this acitivity. Nice guy with a reassuring attitude. I can advise this to anyone who likes to be in the outdoors on a sunday afternoon, gives a fresh swing to the day!

Nik N.

This looked pretty scary, because I have little board experience. But it was great fun and I really enjoyed it! It was a nice sunny autumn day in the Vondelpark and that was just great. Next time tighten the board a bit more so I will standing stable instead of shaking ;)