Reykjavik, Iceland

Urban Life or Natural Wonder?

with Þórgnýr T.

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Þórgnýr T.

It's easy to conclude that Reykjavík is a city like any other and that Iceland is everywhere but right here in the capital. You're wrong of course!

I'd like to help you discover Reykjavík's finest natural wonders by bike. We'll eat picnic in one of many beautiful spots in the capital area, go caving and, of course, sightsee by cycle a whole lot. On the way back downtown we'll make a stop at the local geothermal beach to relax in the hot-tub and/or bathe in the North-Atlantic ocean. You decide!

Depending on your craving for exploration we may extend the tour to your specific needs. There's a variety of available options for an extended tour, simply because I love to do exactly this. :)

Tour takes at least 5 hours. Bikes and helmets are included. Please bring swimsuit and towel yourself aswell as picnic! It's the best way to make sure everybody is happy with what they eat.

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I work with children as a professional leisure time consultant and I commute by bike. I'm an political activist, bicycle fanatic, lifehacker, treehugger and a bit too much of everything, specially kindness! I always wanted to be a punk but never made it that far. I have a 2 years old girl called Járngerður and a wife called Rúna Vala. Full profile Leave a Review

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