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Con Nik

Ancient and modern history butt heads on Belgrade streets, no street corner is safe from a spray can and the food is to die for. The city sprawls across the convergence of the Sava and Danube Rivers with neighborhoods as colorful as an assorted marble collection. It can be seen in all it's mix-match glory by a casual tourist, but this is a place that demands more than just a sightseeing, it demands to be felt.

That's where we come in! Constance and Nikola will tailor-make your tour according to your interests and time constraints. Not sure what your interests are? Here are some ideas: street art hunt, Belgrade's history, gastronomy, underground art, above ground art, cycling tour, day in the life of a local, sports, cafes, after sunset in the "White City," off the beaten path or a mixture of any of these.
Every tour will include a stop for traditional Serbian food.

The tour price includes a ticket to a surprise event. Events are chosen according to your interests.

Tours planned on an individual basis.
Walking, buses, trams, taxis and cars are arranged for each tour. Please inform us of any special transport needs: i.e. traveling with kids, wheelchair assistance or other special cases.

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Constance (that's me) is a writer/teacher/performer. After traveling around Europe for two years she chose to settle in Belgrade, her adopted home. Her passion for the Balkans is evidenced not only in her tours, but with her travel writing, published in a number of places. She also regularly conducts audio interviews with artists all over ex-Yugoslavia, Romania and Bulgaria. Listen to interviews, read performance critiques, travel stories and culture rants here Nikola is a translator, historian, writer, an ardent cyclist and a former rugby player. He was born and raised in the city, and apart from the short period in the States, he lived his whole life in Belgrade. He knows the city inside out and feels like one with every street and every building. He can tell you stories and take you off the beaten path, where you’ll feel the true pulse of the city. Full profile

1 Review

Wynn T.

Constance and Nikola were super welcoming to their city and gave a great introduction to Belgrade. Constance was incredibly responsive and flexible as our group size kept changing as did our plans. We were a group of 12 and were looking for a good introduction to the city for our first day there. I'd had a lot of good luck with other Vayable tours, and can say that I can continue to say that. Nikola was the history man and gave us an introduction to the history of Belgrade, and Constance was a great balance as the artist and actress who made sure we were entertained. As a group of business school students we had a LOT of questions and so I hope we didn't overwhelm Nikola too much. We wandered around the old fort, into the Belgrade museum, and over into the main part of the city. It was a perfect first day in Belgrade!

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