Orlando, Florida

The Artsy Side of Orlando

with Chris S.

Chris S.

When you think of Orlando, most people usually think of the theme parks. Artists do too, that's why a lot of artists are drawn to Orlando so they can get a paying gig in the Sunshine State.

As a result, Orlando actually has a pretty vibrant arts scene.

In this tour, you'll get a quick taste of what Orlando has to offer for visual arts, plus a live performance.

Each tour will be different, based on what's happening in Orlando at the time of your visit.

The performance will most often be a selection from one of Orlando's many excellent theater companies. Once you book I can let you know what's playing and we can base the tour around the show you would like to see.

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Chris S.

I've lived in Orlando for 20+ years, and have worked with Disney in some capacity for the entire time. My involvement with Orlando theater goes back for more than half that time. I also have a love for all the arts and so have been to the museums and gallerys around town. Full profile Leave a Review