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Disney Tour Guide on a Dime

with Chris S.

Chris S.

Okay, so it's not really a dime. But it is the best price I can find online for this kind of tour.

I have 20+ years of experience working with Disney in one capacity or another. As a result, I know the parks really well, and can help you figure out their systems (transportation, dining, Fast Pass, character greetings), as well as customizing your plans for the day so that you spend your time doing things that the people in your party will enjoy the most.

Included: a personal tour guide for the entire day. Hours limited only by daily park hours.

All your tickets, meals and other expenses are to be provided by you. I'll pay for my own tickets and meals.

Please note: I do not have access to VIP seating areas, or to "backdoor" you into anyplace, or any other special access. For that you need to go through Disney's VIP tours, which charge upwards of $300/hour. (If you can afford that, by the way, they can offer you much more than I or any other outside tour guide can. Just saying.)

Also, I can help you with resort dining and information, but I don't do water parks, and know very little about them. It would be better to plan on visiting water parks on a day you aren't paying me. I

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Chris S.

I've lived in Orlando for 20+ years, and have worked with Disney in some capacity for the entire time. My involvement with Orlando theater goes back for more than half that time. I also have a love for all the arts and so have been to the museums and gallerys around town. Full profile Leave a Review