Buenos Aires, Argentina

Architecture Bike Tour

with William W.

William W.

Arts in Architectour is a presentation of Buenos Aires' buzzing culture of arts through the beauty of its buildings. You will hear how and why the city got its inspirational art noveau avenues, express the eclecticism of its institutions, dive deep down into its art deco alleys, and cycle between colonial schools and cathedrals to get the meaning of what modernism in "Latin Paris" is all about.

• Compare the mighty skyscrapers of modern Puerto Madero to the oldest buildings of San Telmo

• Enter the luxurious Faena Hotel & Universe - an old factory remodeled by the famous Phillipe Starck

• Pedal across the widest avenue in the world - 9 de Julio and stop to marvel at the notorious obelisk

• Discover a secret house hidden in the city canopy and it's unique inspiration

• Cycle from Colon Theatre to see the cúpulas of Congress and historic May Avenue

• Enjoy a fun, creative and informative tour led by expert bilingual guides

Starting at 13:00 (please don't be late) in San Telmo, we go over a complete orientation introducing you to your fully-equipped bicycle (each one has its own name), your tour guide, each other and a quick 101 in architecture terminology. Starting from the oldest neighborhood of Buenos Aires, we head straight for Puerto Madero (newest part of the city) to compare colonial buildings with the contrasting modern skyscrapers found in the port. Along the way, we stop and critique the styles of the most fascinating buildings, bridges, churches, monuments, obelisks and theaters that BA has to offer. We have approximately 4 full stops in which we get off the bikes to explore areas on foot, sample local foods, drink yerba mate, enter luxurious hotels and more!

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William W.

William, aka B.J. or Bill Jr. began life October of 1984 in San Jose, California. Growing up in the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, outdoor activities ensued tree forts, bike rides, sports and camping trips, thus inspiring him to continue this outside lifestyle. After graduating from San Diego State University in 2008, he planned a 3 month travel vacation to visit his college roommates in BA, which has now turned into a 4 year adventure in quite arguably the best city in South America. B.J. founded Biking BA in January, 2010. Things he loves about Buenos Aires: Argentine Castellano, Yerba Mate, rooftop asados, green spaces, bike trails, Masa Critica, Bondiola Sandwiches, and socializing with people from all over the world. Full profile Leave a Review

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