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History of Castelvecchio sinks in the darkness of millenniums. Perhaps the hill on whose top Castelvecchio rises was inhabited even before the arrival of Etruscans. Certainly it existed during the Longobards age and afterwards in the XIII century, a town quickly developed. That century was for Castelvecchio the epoch of military glory as it was quite an impregnable fortress. Around 1270 Castelvecchio become also a little "Eldorado" for silver, with searchers coming from every part of Italy. Its population quickly got wealthy, embellished the church entitled to St. Frediano and charged a well-known painter to make a fresco, of which only small pieces remain. In XIV century Castelvecchio begun to decline having lost its importance as military stronghold. A century later the spread of the plague provoked its abandon and its death. The impressive town-walls, towers, church, redoubts, houses were submerged with vegetation preserving the location with its ancient and suggestive beauty from man activity.

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