Vancouver, Canada

"The Drive"

with Jordan A.

Jordan A.

The old “Little Italy”, Commercial Drive is without a doubt Vancouver’s most vibrant and eclectic street. Home to a mosaic of interesting characters, cafés, and cuisines, this area is at the heart of East Van, considered by many as the “Cool side of Van”. Your experience of Vancouver will not be complete without a taste of this fun street.

We will hit the highlights of this area, both on and around “The Drive”. This includes cafés where we can stop for a drink, various Italian shops, bakeries, boutiques, and other surprises along the way. We will end our tour with dinner at a rustic Italian pizzeria that’s off the main strip, for some delicious and authentically Italian pizza.

If you want to go for drinks after dinner, I can point out all the best spots on The Drive.

**The tour price does not include any food, as I prefer to leave you the freedom to choose what you want to get, as well as flexibility in where we go to eat and drink.

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Jordan A.

Hi, I’m Jordan, a local Vancouverite and an experienced traveler. When in a foreign city, my favorite thing to do is to explore areas that are “off the beaten path”, and to come across places I could never plan to discover. When in Vancouver, I do the same, and as a result, have discovered some pretty cool places. So in some way, I’ve become an expert in hidden spots around this city. I’ve created my tours in lovely neighborhoods that are generally not visited by tourists, but even more than that, I show you the hidden and offbeat side of these areas that even many Vancouverites don’t know. Each tour is designed to hit the highlights in that area and to follow the most beautiful streets that connect them, with a nice balance between sightseeing and good food. So come join me for an “off the beaten path” experience of Vancouver. Full profile Leave a Review

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