Ollantaytambo, Peru

Quechua Community Visit

with Awamaki


Experience traditional Quechua culture and weaving with a half-day community visit led by Awamaki. Are you interested in exploring the high mountain, indigenous community of Patacancha and visiting Awamaki’s Weaving Center? Awamaki’s community visit is perfect for anyone looking to have a respectful and non-intrusive glimpse into traditional Andean living without disrupting the normal flow of the community. Visitors learn about weaving with a backstrap loom, spinning on a traditional Andean drop spindle, and dying fibres with native plants and animals of the Andes. Awamaki’s half-day trip to Patacancha also includes a visit to a home of one of the weavers in the women’s cooperative, as well as the opportunity to purchase high quality, hand made textiles directly from the women who create them at the Awamaki Weaving Center. Additional options include taking a basic weaving lesson with the women or enjoying a traditional Pachamanca lunch (underground earth oven lunch).

• Meet in front of Awamaki Fair Trade Store in Ollantaytambo (near the Fortress ruins)
• Scenic drive from Ollantaytambo to Patacancha
• Arrive at Awamaki Weaving Center in Patacancha
• Discussion of Andean backstrap weaving as it relates to Andean culture and history
• Complete demonstration and explanation of the traditional weaving process by female weavers in the Awamaki Weaving Cooperative
• Visit to a traditional Quechua home
• Return to Ollantaytambo
• Drop of in the Ollantaytambo Plaza de Armas

Tours include: Spanish or English speaking Awamaki guide and transportation from Ollantaytambo to Patacancha and back.

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Awamaki is a Peruvian and a U.S. non-profit organization working to promote community development in Ollantaytambo, Cusco, Peru. Awamaki works to provide the skills, training, and access to market necessary for women and rural families to earn an income to lift themselves out of poverty. Our programs include fair trade women’s crafts cooperatives, sustainable tourism and community education. Volunteers contribute greatly to Awamaki's program development and daily operations across all our programs, and they are crucial to the achievement of our mission. Full profile Leave a Review

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