Guatemala City, Guatemala

Car Ride on Guatemala City

with Roberto


Car ride on Guatemala city to view over 200 year historical places each one, buildings, monuments, interest points, unique places you won't find on the world, sculptures, wall murals, paintings, vegetation. This ride has cultural, history and art.

You'll see the "torre del reformador" our own small Eiffel tower, the cathedral, the national palace, the Americas Avenue with all its monuments, pope John Paul the second monument, the flower clock, the obelisk, the "aqueduct" a pipeline where the water first came to our city, "The Reformer Avenue", the "Plazuela España", the national bank, etc. many places you have to see, about 2 hour car ride depending on traffic. We stop just to take pictures, not to get off of the car, for time reasons. Pickup time 9am. If you want to visit a specific place.... well that's part of another experience....

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