Kisoro, Uganda

Rebuild a Village

with Joseph K.

Joseph K.

Visit and build relationships with a suffering community in Kisoro. Tourists rarely have the opportunity to lend a hand and get an inside look at the real lives of local communities here in East Africa, and this is your chance to gain perspective, make new friends and change lives. We are heavily involved in trying to improve the lives of some people in Kisoro who have been forsaken by their country.

Pygmy people used to live in the area which is now the Virunga National Park in eastern Demoratic Republic of Congo. Their ancestors lived here, and this was their home for as far back as anyone can remember. With the creation of the park, the government forced them off the land, but with no compensation. As a result they were left homeless and penniless with nowhere to go.

The local tribal head in Kisoro has allowed them to settle in a small area, with barely enough land to grow enough food to subsist. They have not enough academic resource in Uganda, so are unable to own land and unable to get jobs. They literally live hand to mouth.

I will take you to visit this community and we can also help them with donations of clothes and food, and in the event that tourists wish to visit them to have a glimpse into their daily struggle, we can arrange to visit them. It is a heart-wrenching experience visiting these marginalised people, one which will mak

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Ugandan born and bred! Joe studied tourism at Kampala University, and is excited to show you his incredible country! Joseph lives in Rwanda at the moment! and he is still gorilla trekking and arranging for the volcanoe climbing in both Rwanda, Congo and Uganda. Full profile Leave a Review