Kharkiv, Ukraine

Seven Wonders of Kharkiv

with Olga


Kharkiv city is notable and remarkable city of Ukraine, that’s why it always attracts attention of tourists by its sights. Being historical value and essential part of the Ukraine national culture it preserves uniqueness and individuality of the city. Our trip will start at Architecture Square, the place which is deservedly considered to be tourist’s “spice”. There you can find Seven Wonders of Kharkivcity - seven most popular architecture constructions represented in miniature. Having seen the sights in miniature we will continue our way to see all Wonders of the City in reality.
Our trip will be full interesting stories, legends and myths.We guarantee bright impressions and positive emotions!

The Kharkiv walking tour will include:

1. Overviewing Seven Wonders of the city at Architecture Square;
2. Visiting Holy Shroud Monastery;
3. Admiring Assumption Cathedral;
4. Observing Annunciation cathedral;
5. Visiting building with the spire - the model of “Stalin Empire” style;
6. Visiting Mirror Stream ( Zerkalnayastruya) – favourite place for meetings and having rest for both Kharkiv citizens and tourists;
7. Seeing the unique Shevchenko Monument in Shevchenko Gardens. History and legends connected with it;
8. Grandeur of the House of State Industry (Gosprom), history of its foundation;
9. Unique architectural complex in Freedom Square, history of its creation.

Our trip will start at Architecture Square. Recently It has been opened and celebrated as important event for the city. Here we will be able to admire copies of the Top Seven in miniature and then we will see the BEST OF THE BEST in reality
Our trip will be full interesting stories, legends and myths.

You will get bright impressions during the trip which will put warm and pleasant memories into your heart!

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My name is Olga. I am very adventurous person and I think I have the best job can ever exist as it offers exploring the world, meeting people from different countries, studying different cultures and sharing travel experience. I consider there is no better way to explore the city than on foot. It’s my pleasure to share my knowledge, interesting stories and facts about Kharkiv. I will always make sure to learn more about your interests and will do my best to find the way the information to be clear, interesting and memorable. I’m sure we’ll have exciting time together while walking around the city of Kharkov and exploring the new sights putting warm and pleasant memories into your heart surprising and amazing with its beauty and grandeur! Full profile Leave a Review