Kharkiv, Ukraine

Mysteries and Legends of Kharkiv

with Olga


We suggest you to make a trip to the past to Kharkiv city together. Travelling through time, with great pleasure we will turn over the pages of history of the city and learn about land marks in the history starting from the foundation of the city till nawadays.
Kharkiv is the city full of legends and myths. The lives and fates of many people were inextricably intertwined on this legendary land. Archeological finds are graphic evidence . Visiting historical museum will help to shed the light to the history of the city
So, where word "Kharkiv" comes from? Who founded the city? Where the invention ends and history , based on facts, starts? Who were first settlers and why exactly this land had been choosen for their settlement ? Why Slobozhanschina is considered to be the second name of Kharkiv? To these and many other questions we will get answers looking at Kharkiv from historical viwpoint

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My name is Olga. I am very adventurous person and I think I have the best job can ever exist as it offers exploring the world, meeting people from different countries, studying different cultures and sharing travel experience. I consider there is no better way to explore the city than on foot. It’s my pleasure to share my knowledge, interesting stories and facts about Kharkiv. I will always make sure to learn more about your interests and will do my best to find the way the information to be clear, interesting and memorable. I’m sure we’ll have exciting time together while walking around the city of Kharkov and exploring the new sights putting warm and pleasant memories into your heart surprising and amazing with its beauty and grandeur! Full profile Leave a Review