Kharkiv, Ukraine

Kharkiv – a Fortress City.

with Olga


University Hill is the place where the history of Kharkiv starts and where our walking excursion begins. During the tour program you will see many architectural monuments connected with the past and miraculously preserved nowadays. We will look into the old pages of Kharkiv’s history, times when Kharkiv was a small walled town. During our exciting trip we will observe major turning points in Kharkiv history that gave impulse to Kharkiv development turning it into metropolis , making Kharkiv to be well known all over the world. We will also admire the beauty of Holy Shroud ( Pokrovskiy Cathedral), The Annunciation ( Blagoveshchenskiy Cathedral) and the Assumption Cathedrals (Uspenkiy Cathedral) - the temples devoted to Blessed Virgin Mary, Rus Protectress.
The walking tour program includes:
1. Kharkiv history foundation: from the fortress time till present time (panorama of the city);
2. Enjoying panorama of the city;
3. Observation of Assumption Cathedral architect

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