Reviews for Paris Design Tour

Tammy M.

We spent a few hours roaming the back streets and discovering local art and beautiful design shops, places we would not find on our own. Anne has a wealth of knowledge, a clear passion for the city and a desire to ensure the time is tailored to your interests. A wonderful experience, I highly recommend a great way to discover the local design scene with Anne who is absolutely personable.

Armando S.

This is an outstanding and memorable experience! Anne shows you things you would be very unlikely to find on your own and I could not recommend this more highly for anyone at all interested in design or fashion. Anne seems to have an encyclopedic knowledge of Paris shops and street art, and we really enjoyed our time with her. Can't wait to do this again.

Lisa A.

The design tour with Anne was a lot of fun! Her communication before the tour was friendly and reassuring, and she gave us easy-to-follow directions in how to meet up on the day of. Despite it being 95 degrees Farenheit, Anne led us on 3 hours of walking and sharing cool spots and interesting information. I brought along a friend who has lived in Paris for two years, and she said that many of the places we visited were new to her, so we definitely saw unique places that aren't in all the guidebooks. I would recommend this tour to anyone who loves design and wants to see a less-touristy side of Paris. Merci, Anne!

Laura B.

Being on a Vayable tour with Anne is like hanging out with that cool friend that lives in Paris that you wish you had. It was a true delight to spend time with Anne and have her show me her favorite design places and products. She sent a brief questionnaire ahead of time, and it was clear that she put together a thoughtful itinerary for our tour based on my interests. She followed up with an email that listed all the places we visited, should I choose to return to them (or just a record of our itinerary), and she listed some others that I might want to explore on our own. I referred to her suggestions several times during the rest of my stay. Very worthwhile!

Arti C.

We had the most amazing day with Anne on the design tour! She knew all sorts of interesting and beautiful shops and streets to lead us to as well as the people and stories behind them. She was a lovely host, paying special attention to our specific interests, and was a generous guide, sharing personal anecdotes and favorite little corners. It was a side of Paris we would have missed without her. Thanks so much Anne!


Anne made my stay in Paris so lovely and fun. I've already visited Paris 4 times before this time and need new and different experience. Anne expresses herself and her favourite style on online such as blog and Instagram and therefore, it was easy to know "SHE MUST HAVE LIKEMINDED TASTE TO ME". This my feeling was absolutely correct !! Because of Anne's human connections, I had chances to speak the cafe owner and artisan. I also enjoyed the talk with her at her favourite cafe and she inspired me not only as a good Vayable guide, but also a woman who works in the ideal style and area. I checked the next ticket to Paris on the train towards London (my home). She sent me a recap email after the tour to explain everything we walked around together. It was so useful and I feel her kindness. Having a knowledgeable and kind local at the travel destination brings our travel to the different experience. It will give us another scope to explore the destination. Definitely recommend booking her tour in Paris.

Shahar K.

Excellent and knowledgeable Anne is a wonderful guide to current design in paris. Of you want a quick look into "where it it's right now", ask Anne to take you there. From design that's there for a long time, like architecture, to current popup shops, she knows all and happy to show you what interests you. We only had 2 days and it was a good choice to spend 4 hours with her!

Diane I.

Anne gives a spectacular tour! She listened to my interests (textiles, paper products) and tailored the tour accordingly. She is very knowledgeable about the neighborhoods we visited, as well as about Paris in general. Thanks to Anne, I also became an expert in navigating the Paris metro system! I highly recommend engaging Anne to provide a tour; she is good company.

Rebecca W.

We loved seeing Paris in a new light with Anne! She's warm, approachable and knowledgeable- a great guide for showing off Paris from a design angle. I felt like we saw hidden gems that only Parisians would know about, and Anne had the inside scoop. I would highly recommend this as a unique and personal experience!


We spent our first morning in Paris with Anne on her Design Tour. It was the perfect way to start our trip! She totally got our style and took us to many boutiques and galleries that we loved, and also left us with a list of other places to check out during the rest of our stay. Her email follow up is amazing. She even sent articles about questions that we had during the tour, and sent us info on a pop up shop that her friends were running while we were there. We felt like we had our bearings in the city after the tour and she gave us tons of tips on how to get around and how to save some money as well. We felt like we had a lot more insight on what it's like to live in Paris. You get a different perspective on everything and get some help finding the hidden gems of the city, when you spend time with someone who lives there. We would highly recommend a tour with Anne when you get to Paris, you will thoroughly enjoy it I'm sure!

Lizelly M.

As soon as I started planning my honeymoon to Paris I absolutely knew I needed to book this tour with Anne!! I have been following Anne's design/blogging career for a few years and when I saw she was giving tours of Paris I immediately added it to my list of things to do in the city. I can't say enough good things about the tour and Anne as a guide. She took us around her favorite 'design-y' boutiques, and, knowing that my husband and I are designers as well (I am stationery designer), of course paperies were on the list!! We strolled through some of her favorite nooks around Paris, and stopped into a tea and eclaire shop where we had some yummy pastries while chatting about design and the city. The 3 hour tour certainly went over the scheduled time, but Anne was nice enough to make sure we knew our way around and how to get back to our home in Paris. Will definitely book another of Anne's Vayable tours the next time we are in Paris!! Thanks Anne!!!