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Ancient Lissos Asclepium

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Lissos was a famous place of the Antiquity because of its Asclepion which used therapeutical spring water and dreaming to cure patients from all over the Roman empire. The water of Lissos, which was considered medicinal, was frequently used to cure many illnesses. You can go to Lissos by yacht or taxi boat, but it would be a lot better for your health to walk through the gorge for less than two hours. Lissos Gorge is not as famous as Samaria Gorge, the longest gorge in Europe, because is shorter but it is considered one of the best gorges in Crete.

Start from Hania, sleep the night at Sougia after enjoying its beautiful beach and next morning walk to Lissos and live the time travel to the Greek antiquity. Return in the evening walking the way back or by taxi boat.

The Asclepium of Lissos was in ancient times what in today’s world would be a big hospital. Explore the remains of the ancient city, the rooms, the graves, the Byzantine churches, the altars of the Olympian gods, smell the fragnance of the Cretan nature and taste yourself the famous water from the ancient spring.

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