Tomar, Portugal

The Last Templars

with Sérgio A.

Sérgio A.

The famous Templar Knights have been all around the Europe and Midle-East until 1307 when the king of France in a effective move destroyed all the power of this amazing order.

In Portugal the king create at the same time a new order... the Christ Order, that absorbed all the wealth of the former Templar Knights, using that money to start the discovery's of the new world.

This experience will take you to Tomar, a small town in the center of Portugal with 850 years old, build by the Templar Knighs, and one of the great art and arquitecture center of the XVI century in the world.

You will see buildings from all the different styles, from Romanic (XII century) to Neo-Classic and Manueline (XVI and XVII century).

After the visit to the old castle and convent you can lunch in a nice medieval restaurant and try some of the amazing dishes of the region, some sangria and good wine.

• Tomar's Templar Castle
• Convent of Christ
• Church of St. Marie of the Olival
• Pegoes Aquadute
• Historical center of Tomar

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