Reviews for Madrid Classic Scooter Tour

Richard T.

Best way to see Madrid! Daniel is very nice and knowledgeable about the city. Pick up and drop off is at your convenience. Most of all the Vespa is classic

Ana K.

I have one reason to write in this blog, and that is the desire to share my wonderful experience while I was in Madrid in 2012, I enjoyed the city through Scooter tour. It was a fascinated experience, I could feel the city atmosphere, people’s deep inside, traffic and history; in a short sentence I can said that I learned about How is living in Madrid and it’s amazing how many interesting things can you find while you’re exploring the city. I have had the opportunity to travel to many cities around the world, but Madrid showed to me a new and fantastic way to meet the places that are in a city and that’s traveling in a scooter, it gives you a sensation of freedom and I could blend with the places that I was observing. I had the happiness of travelling with a friend who knew the city, he presented to me the most important places and gave me an explanation about each of them. The ride become increasingly entertaining meanwhile we stopped to enjoy a “tapas” or took some photos while we were riding. To travel in a motorcycle allows yourself to know the city from another perspective, it gives you the visually of everything and what it´s representing, people, architecture, traffic and also you can imagine the events that could develop in it. Thanks to Daniel, I could know and explore wonderful places such as: “La Gran Vía” is the most famous street of Madrid, “La Puerta de Alcalá” is one of the most representative monuments of Madrid, “La Plaza de los Cibeles” and Debod's Temple is one of the most important place that Madrid hides, it was a gift from Egypt to Spain. You can see and explore a monument of the ancient Egypt in Madrid, Infinite places and beautiful memories come to my mind, I recommend widely Madrid city tour in Scooter, it is one of the most entertaining and pleasant experiences that life can give you.


It was my first time in Madrid, I had little time so I made a smart and exciting desicion of doing this vespa sightseeing tour. Daniel took me to all the famous landmarks and explain me it´s history, also show me his favorite places to go for tapas & beers. We avoid traffic jams as with the vespa we could drive in areas cars are not aloud, so we save a lot of time and could make the most out of the tour. I got off the vespa "on the spot", had time to walk around, take pictures, enjoy the nice weather. If you have little time for a tour, this is definetly an excellent choice, most important you will feel safe at all times; he is an excellent driver and knows all the good spots in Madrid. To wrap it up i give 5 out of 5 to Daniel´s vespa tour.