Sintra, Portugal

Between Land and Sea

with Maria V.

Maria V.

Visit Sintra in Portugal. You'll find unique places, sea, food, wines and people. Between the ancient and the new, the hill and the sea, with breathtaking landscapes, castles and forests side by side with seasides with strong atlantic waters. But if you prefer casinos, pubs, theater, opera, exhabitions, you name it and you'll find it in such a diversity that, if you won't come back again, you won't forget the experience and the sound of fado will be forever in your hurt and mind.

Adapted to your preferences. Price includes car picking, petrol and only guidance. No fees, entrances, restaurants or similar, accomodation, or other transports.

Strongly recommend to visit the village's palace and/or the hill castle, having lunch/dinner in a restaurant surrounded by trees or at the seaside watching the sea all in a very friendly environment.

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I spend my time reading, hearing music, going out with some friends. I like swimming, nature, good food but also museums, exhibitions and a good chat. And travel,of course - meeting new people and different cultures. I belive people make the places. Full profile Leave a Review

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