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Phillip L.

What's the first thing to drink that you think of when you think of "France?" - Wine, right? And for good reason - wine and France have been bound together in history and culture for nearly two millennia - since the Romans invaded Gaul and saw that the soil was perfect for grapes, and told the Gauls that if they wanted to be "Roman" cool, they'd have to start drinking wine.

But what many people don't know is that France has both a long history with, and a recently growing appreciation of: BEER.

My name is Phil, and I'm the founder of the Paris Homebrewers' Club. I'll take you on a tour of both well-established as well as up-and-coming French craft brewers, let you in on the secret that is the long history of French brewing, and of course, we'll have a few pints.

French beer tasting at THE craft beer bar in Paris: La Fine Mousse - a minimum of 8 different 12 cl (4 oz) tastings; additional beers available at cost if desired.

Additional extra, If desired: curated bottle purchasing at the highest-rated bottle shop in all of France, La Cave a Bulles. Note that if you wish to do this, it will need to come before the tasting as LFM opens at 5 PM and CaB closes at 8.

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Phillip L.

I'm an American, originally from Arkansas, then Tampa, then Arkansas again, then Chicago, then New York, then Chicago again, and now Paris. I'm passionate about craft beer, good cookin', da Bears, da Cubs, Drupal, woodworking, gardening, physics, astronomy, kayaking, road trips, honky tonk and bluegrass (and pretty much every other kind of music)... The list goes on. I love to take advantage of every experience life has to offer, with the exception of going to the prefecture, and paperwork in general. You can follow me on twitter at @phillamb168 . Full profile

4 Reviews

Matt C.

Phil did a fantastic job hosting this beer tour! It was a great introduction to the French craft beer scene, and he went above and beyond in tailoring the experience to my preferences and, specifically, to my hope to talk to a brewing practitioner. Highly recommended for any craft beer drinkers.

Jeff C.

My wife and I had a blast with Phillip. The experience was everything he promised it would be a then some. Phillip really knew he stuff and is fluent in the languages of both French and Beer. And, of course, we drank some truly incredible beers with some very friendly people. If you are in Paris and you enjoy good beer, don't even hesitate booking this tour with Phillip. Just do it.

Alan I.

A fantastic tour! If you are into ordinary beer served in ordinary places then this is not the tour for you. If you think the French can only make wine, then you will be amazed. If you want to expand your knowledge about French beer and locally made brews, try some exceptional and truly unique beers and drink them at extraordinary places, then do not miss this tour. Phil knows beer. Phil knows where to find beers you would never be able to find on your own. Phil knows where to go to drink beer that you would never even know existed if you had not lived in Paris for a very long time and maybe not even then. Better still, he does all this without being the least bit pretentious or snooty. You will be friends within a few minutes of meeting him and feel like you have been friends your whole life before the end of the tour. I will do this tour again the next time I come to Paris. Do your self a favor and make sure you have time to do this. Heck, I would got to Paris just for this and plan the rest of my trip around it.

Frank L.

Our evening with Phil was the best time of our entire week in Paris! He is a lot of fun, knows his stuff, and is incredibly generous. If you enjoy trying new brews and can book this experience with Phil - since he only does it a couple of times each month - you will be glad you did. I can't say enough about this experience - great beer, great food, and truly great company! Thanks so much, Phil!

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