Reviews for Motorbike With Quynh Anh

Rahul K.

Quynh Anh is very enthusiastic, deeply curious, globally switched on, and just a fun person to experience Saigon with. Being a foodie, with dietary restrictions, and with non-specific requests, even up until the day we met, she made sure that we went to places that piqued my interest, and satisfied my curiosity about Saigon. She's a foodie too, but with some historical places, even though she didn't know everything about them , she went out of her way to find out as much as she could. The bike ride was hairy, though, if you're prone to motion-sickness, avoid peak-hour traffic! Other wise, riding in Saigon was not as bad as expected (it's much better than Indian roads!). Meeting Quynh Anh, as a local was one of the highlights of my trip, and I definitely suggest spending a day with her, if you're not too picky about historic details.