Funchal, Portugal

Madeira Island

with Hilário S.

Hilário S.

Beauty. Diversity. Authenticity. Are Keywords that come up naturally when you think of Madeira and Porto Santo islands. These words, not only describes what one sees but also identify the unique soul of its locals (madeirans).
The natural beauty of the surrounding landscape combined with our wide ranging culture offer, provides a wide diversity of leisure and entertainment alternatives that satisfy and captivates the interest of all who visit our islands.
We are genuine. We are Europeans and yet geographically we are on Africa. The islands Mediterranean agricultural coexist with the production of tropical fruits and vegetables. We sing in Portuguese and danced to the rhythms of Moorish influence. We are surrounded by the sea and mountains. Blue and green. We have Nature but we also have an historical heritage. Small picturesque villages are drawn in the mountains, while its main capital pulses with a cosmopolitanism rhythm. We have an island lush in vegetation and another that almost r

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