Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Storiesof Amsterdam
Style: Educational

In this tour we will take you through all of the centuries of Amsterdam’s existence. From the first settlements, and the Golden Age to the liberal Amsterdam of the twentieth century, the Basic Tour has it all! In this tour you will experience the most remarkable moments, that were crucial for the history of Amsterdam. The tour will start at ground zero, where one of the oldest discoveries in Amsterdam was made: an ice skate from 1225. In that time Amsterdam was only a small fishermen’s town. We will climb up in periods of time untill we get back to present life, where Amsterdam is a famous metropole with almost 800.000 inhabitants of 175 nationalities. To show you these narratives, we’ll take you along an alternative route and stop at less familiar places.

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By foot we will show you another side of Amsterdam. Not the stories that you may find in a tourist book: our tours have innovative themes and surprising stories. They are thoroughly researched and developed by graduates in History or Art History. All of our guides are locals and have years of experience being a guide in Amsterdam. Why choose Stories of Amsterdam? We created the tours ourselves and we only work with small groups. Therefore, our tours are the most personal way to get to know Amsterdam. To book a tour and for special requests and information, feel free to contact us. Take a look at our website: Full profile Leave a Review

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