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The Faces of water:The Marmore Waterfall

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Viaggi D.

Inside the dedicated tourist-excursion area of theMarmore Waterfalls there are 4 signposted trails where the visitor can admire the Falls from enchanting viewpoints.
Trail 1
Difficulty: average
Duration: 40 minutes uphill, 25 minutes downhill
Difference in level: 150 metres.
This trail links the Belvedere Inferiore (lower viewpoint) to the Belvedere Superiore (upper viewpoint) where one can find the Specola, a tower with a great view overlooking the first drop of the Falls. Along the trail there are natural caves to be admired and there is also a tunnel that leads to the Balcone degli innamorati (Lovers’ Balcony), right below the first drop of the Falls.
Trail 2
Difficulty: easy
Duration: 20 minutes (circular)
Difference in level: 40 metres
This trail takes you to the heart of the Falls. By means of wooden steps and walkways the visitor crosses over a secondary canal of the Falls, hidden amongst the rich vegetation. A small waterfall at the side of the second drop.

Trail 3
Difficulty: easy
Duration: 20 minutes (circular)
Difference in level: 15 metres
This trail leads the visitor to the lower part of the Falls as far as the Nera riverbed. In this area, due to the force of the water crashing onto the intermediate terraces, an aerosol is formed creating a particular habitat that has brought about an abundant plant growth and large in size.
Trail 4
Duration: approx. 20 minutes (uphill)
Difference in level: 90 metres
This trail is made up of steps and the Marmore Waterfalls can be admired from two scenic viewpoints at different heights. From here one can observe the Falls frontally and even go on as far as the Batteria Park, near the village of Collestatte.

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