New York, New York

Downtown Manhattan

with Alicia B.

Alicia B.

Discover the hidden histories of Lower Manhattan--the birthplace of New York City!

On this tour, you'll:

Walk in the footsteps of the Lenape Indians, pirates, peg legs, dirty politicians, and our nation's founding fathers.

Unearth the hidden histories of Lower Manhattan's parks, including Bowling Green, Battery Park, and Zuchotti Park.

Listen to stories of the New York Stock Exchange's biggest key players.

Be entertained by anecdotes, little-known facts, and celebrity trivia!

Bowling Green
Bull Statue
Battery Park
Stone Street Historic District
Wall Street
Trinity Churchyard
Zuchotti Park
St. Paul's Chapel

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Alicia B.

Alicia was 31 years, 5 weeks, and 4 days old when she realized she wouldn’t be able to get by in life on cuteness alone. It was several days later she stopped shaking her money-maker for corporate giants and left the confines of her cubicle to share her passion of NYC with fellow travelers. A native New Englander, she now lives in Bayridge – the only neighborhood of Brooklyn left untouched by the hipsters. She loves digging up hidden history gems, telling hysterical anecdotes, and keeping travelers wanting more. Full profile Leave a Review

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