Athens, Greece

Beach Holiday in Athens, Greece

with Andriani L.

Andriani L.

Hello everybody!

I live in Athens, Greece and summer is the best time to visit my country as the weather is beautiful and there are so many things to do.

A day trip on the beach is the best way to experience the Greek summer lifestyle. Porto Rafti, is only 40 minutes drive from Athens. We leave Athens 10am and we will be in Porto Rafti around 11am the latest. There are lots of beaches to choice from. If you like to party, listening to music and drinking a Mohito while you sunbathe, then the best place to go to is the private club in Porto Rafti. It feels like you are on an island. It is a magical place, which you will never want to leave and you would want to go back every day. I spend the whole day there, let's say until 4pm-5pm. After that is time to have a late lunch. So I go to a Greek tapas place (meze) to try different flavours and Greek cuisine. The day can finish with a nice frappe (cold coffee) or a nice cocktail at one of the nice bars that overlooking the sea.

1. Go around Porto Rafti and show the different beaches.
2. Stop to take pictures over the rocks, that overlooking the sea
3. Go to private club in Porto Rafti-spend the most of the day there. Swimming, sunbathing.
4. Late lunch - early dinner.
5. Having coffee or a cocktail at one of the bars that overlooking the sea.
6. Go back to Athens by 9pm.

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Andriani L.

I am a native Greek, lived in UK for 9 years, studied and worked. For the last year I live in Greece and I teach in a private college Business Management. I live in the centre of Athens and I believe that it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Full profile Leave a Review

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