Catalina Foothills, Arizona

Eating Like a New Yorker in Tucson

with Rosally S.

Rosally S.

I lived in New York for over 16 years in all the neighborhoods, where fresh, local food by entrepreneurial-minded, people-focused foodies offered up and enjoyed some of the world's most varied and incredibly delicious food and where the staff knew who you were after a couple visits.

Now, after a year of living bi-coastally in NYC, Tucson (and sometimes San Francisco, another foodie capital) with my fiance, I've been curating all the things my New York-minded friends and I would love about Tucson, with its burgeoning startup scene and fast growth amid the wonderfully no-humidity heat.

We've started with food and restaurants, local spots where people know your name and serve up great eats with a twist, plus healthier fare, or farm-to-table love, or a European flair - complete with accents. It runs the gamut of good taste but good service is always a must.

We can point you to where to go by email or via social channels, or if we're free, we'll meet up with you and you can follow in your car or rental, and we'll help you live like a local.

Because you don't want to eat every minute of the day, we'll show you where to go and have a great meal and experience depending on the purpose of your visit, length of your stay and your preferences. So, first contact is by email.

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Rosally S.

New Yorker living in Tucson for the dry heat, space, sporting/outdoors life and the startup community, at least, as I find it. I'm all about being a universal citizen, helping others via philanthropy or sharing my experience or research I've done, to save time, which is the most precious thing you can give to people. I'm up for helping with suggestions and hope to connect with like-minded people. I'm engaged to a man so perfect for me, I couldn't have imagined him up myself (so I'm not here for dating, people). Just to help out as I figure out this transition myself. You can learn more about my professional background on LinkedIn but in my spare time, we enjoy travel, scuba diving, martial arts, technology of all kinds, tennis, Formula One (yeah, I know), and adventure travel. I love Steve Jobs philosophy of "Here's to the crazy ones..". If you know it, and love it, you're our kind of people. Have fun and go make stories! Full profile Leave a Review