Bar Hop in Singapore

with Joyce H.

Joyce H.

Love your Gins, Rums, Whiskies or even Sake? If your idea of a great cocktail is a classic Negroni, come explore the dynamic cocktail bar scene in Singapore. As the country capitalises on its strong food culture to elevate itself into a world-class dining and wining destination, there has never been more great places to drink in the country than now.
Always thirsty, I'm checking and sussing out new bars regularly, finding out more about the different spirits and mixology trends. If you're interesting in discovering the trendy places in town, drop a line and let me know your cocktail/bar preferences, and I'll customise a bar hopping itinerary for you!
*This is not a pub crawl. If you're looking for cheap booze, jello shots, and to get wasted, I suggest looking elsewhere. Thanks!

We'll visit 2 to 4 bars, depending on your preferences and also the period of time you'd like to spend. Between joints, there can always be pit stops for food and bites.

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