Buenos Aires, Argentina

Visit to Artists’ Workshops in Abasto

with Ammanik


This tour is an invitation to discover the studios of the artists who live and work in the Abasto, an area where you can feel history, tango and art in every corner.

A unique experience that allows tourists to share with the artists, opening dialogues with them and offering the possibility to acquire artworks at their workshops.

With a guide specialised in art, this 3-hour walking tour will take us through the most typical areas in the Abasto in order to immerse us in some of the cultural, architectural and historical aspects of one of the city’s most iconic areas.

Our tour will start at the Museo Casa Carlos Gardel, a very interesting place in which the cultural legacy and works of the famous singer and songwriter Carlos Gardel are kept. We will then move on to Jean Jaures street, to fully appreciate some works of “fileteado porteño”, a Buenos Aires typical artstyle displayed in the houses’ facades. We will also visit the Pasaje Zelaya, an alley full of tango, with murals painted by the famous artist Marino Santamarina. Besides, we will appreciate the exterior of the former Abasto market, now a shopping mall.

To finish this urban cultural circuit, we will visit some of the workshops of artists who live and work in this traditional neighborhood.

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